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Yorkville High School student charged with felony disorderly conduct in connection with ‘threat to do harm’ at school

A Yorkville High School student is facing a felony disorderly conduct charge in connection with a “threat to do harm” at the school, according to Yorkville police.

In a statement issued late Thursday night, Dec. 2, police said they and Yorkville School District 115 administrators “were made aware of a specific threat that had been made by a student to do harm on the Yorkville High School campus” after the conclusion of the school day Thursday.

During the course of their investigation, police said they located the student who allegedly made the threat.

“The student was taken into custody and transported to the Juvenile Justice Center in St. Charles,” the statement continued. “This is believed to be an isolated incident and there is no longer a known threat.”

In an email sent to school district families earlier Thursday evening, Tim Shimp, school superintendent, reported that school district officials had “learned of a threat to do harm on the high school campus” and announced that police and school district security teams would have a “visible presence” at the high school on Friday, Dec. 3.

“The Yorkville Police Department (YPD) was notified by our administration, as well as by parents. We want to thank the people who acted without delay when they heard something alarming. We are cooperating fully with YPD and Kendall County State’s Attorney Office officials on the response and investigation,” Shimp said.

Shimp said all activities at the school would be held Friday as scheduled amid the increased presence of police and the district’s security teams.

“Nothing matters more to us than keeping every Yorkville student and staff member safe at school, every day,” Shimp said, adding, “We also remind students if they see something or hear something to report it to a trusted adult, school employee or the police.”

Shimp also extended thanks to district officials, Yorkville police and the community “for all they do every day to keep our schools safe.”