Three Things To Know About River Cruises

Oswego Travel - Three Things To Know About River Cruises

Are you craving a getaway that immerses you in breathtaking scenery and lets you unwind leisurely? If so, a river cruise might be the perfect choice for your next adventure. Here are three things to know about this type of cruise:

1. You’ll encounter fewer crowds.

Unlike vast ocean liners which can accommodate thousands of people, river cruise vessels are much smaller. They rarely accommodate more than 200 people at a time, treating those onboard to an exclusive and intimate travel experience.

Another perk: smoother sailing. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises offer calmer waters, making them an ideal choice for travelers who may be prone to seasickness.

2. Shore excursions are easy to navigate.

River cruises dock right in the heart of the most remarkable cities, only a stroll away from the top sights. Each stop along the river offers expertly guided excursions to cultural hotspots, historical landmarks, and even hidden treasures, but if you’d rather wander at your own pace, you can do that, too. AmaWaterways, for instance, offers a fleet of complimentary bicycles on board, allowing travelers to explore at their own pace. Additionally, AmaWaterways offers exclusive guided biking and hiking tours.

With Uniworld River Cruises, guests can be treated to private, fully customizable experiences that can be booked onboard and are often accompanied with a private car and/or guide. The experts at Oswego Travel can find the best deals and determine which river cruise option is best for you and your family.

3. You indulge in local tastes and cultures.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, river cruises offer unique excursions and dining experiences that immerse you in local cultures. You can explore historical sites with authenticity and enjoy meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients you won’t find anywhere else.

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