How To Ensure Sympathy Floral Arrangements are Delivered Correctly and On Time

Conley Funeral Home - How To Ensure Sympathy Floral Arrangements are Delivered Correctly and On Time

If you’ve recently lost a dear family member or friend, and circumstances keep you from attending their funeral service, you may choose to send a beautiful floral arrangement to offer your condolences. If services are local, you probably have a trusted florist you use regularly, but when the services are held out of town, many people aren’t sure where to start to find an acceptable florist.

“Have you ever sent flowers and wondered what they looked like, or even if they were delivered?” asked Ben Conley, Director of Conley Funeral Home in Elburn. “Many people call 1-800-Flowers, or do a Google search and pick the first name that comes up, but neither of these options are likely to offer the service you expect and deserve.”

According to Conley, just like with funeral homes, no two florists are alike. “Florists have different prices, flower availability, and delivery areas and times, and sometimes that gorgeous arrangement you clicked on isn’t what is delivered,” he said. “Companies pay a lot of money to be the first ad you see with a Google search, and may claim to be the funeral home’s preferred florist, but they usually are not. They act as a middleman and pass the order to someone else; those florists may deliver too early or too late, because their delivery options aren’t flexible, and you’ll never know.” In addition, when a funeral home has multiple services on the same day, your arrangement may be delivered to someone else’s family.

The way to ensure you’re getting the best florist with the best service is to call the funeral home directly. “At Conley Funeral Home, we keep a list of trusted local florists with proven track records to help with all of your needs,” said Conley. “This includes creating special designs to personalize the floral arrangement, making your gift truly unique, just like the care you receive at Conley’s.”

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