NewsTribune Thank You Veterans Letters

AgriNews will dedicate its Nov. 8 online and Nov. 10 print editions to veterans to thank them for their selfless service and dedication to our country.

Veteran William James Dilling: Being little you don’t know much about anyone in a service program . Realizing as you get older what they all went through opens your eyes. To know my dad serviced is a huge honor. My hero ❤️ always as a service man and dad!! Thank you dad for everything! Brenda Alteri

Veteran Scott Alan Kotek: Thank you for your service to our country! Tammy Harris

Veteran Brent A. Schueler: Brent was in the Army National Guard from 1983-1986He is a proud Veteran and belongs to the American Post 33 & also the VFWHe takes his turn standing guard at the Veterans Day Vigil each November in Ottawa, ILThank you Brent for your service 🇺🇲 Toni Schueler

Veteran Dave A Newton: Thank you for serving our country for 4 years in the U.S. Navy and 2 years Army National Guard. DeMarie Newton

Veteran Harold Olsen Jr: Harold is a Vietnam Veteran who after coming home joined the VFW. After retiring he got involved involved with his Post in Mendota as 3 time commander and many years as the VFW State hospital chairman. He still is involved with volunteering at the LaSalle veterans home twice a month and has helped with different projects there. He is also involved with the American Legion and the Amvets. He truly is an American hero! He also us on the Memorial Squad and usually fold the flags at the funeral. He always marches in the parade’s. He’s definitely a hero in my book! Gerri Anderson

Veteran Francis W Kupperschmid: SEMPER FI, may God Bless you and all that you were with while defending our country. Glen Kupperschmid

Veteran Joseph Lee Bernardoni: Thank you for your service as a marine after being drafted at 19 and not being bitter about the draft or your Vietnam experiences. Nancy Bernardoni

Veteran Jason Curran: Thank you for your 20 years of service! Love you, Kimberly Curran

Veteran Gerald Prusak: This veteran served in the US army from 83 to 85. Discharge rank of Private First Class. MOS was 63Bravo Light wheeled vehicle and power generator mechanic. Gerald Prusak

Veteran Clayton Preston: I would like to thank my father for everything he does for me. From taking care of my dog to running errands for me. And always making sure there is a wonderful dinner to come home too! He’s always helping the neighbors with tasks and also cutting their yards so they don’t have to worry about it. Jenny Preston

Veteran Richard F. Grimshaw: I want to thank him so much for his service not a lot of people wouldn’t do the jobs he did I did hear a lot of his stories I couldn’t believe it was really rough well two of his buddies never returned home some of his duties were really rough and he paid so many times he was also captured a few times I just want to thank him so much again for his service. Kimberly Turner

Veteran Nicholas G. Kreiser & All Veterans: Thank you for your service to our USA. We appreciate you all & have benefited from your sacrifices. Only you Veterans truly understand what serving our country means. Thank you from all USA citizens. Cynthia Kreiser

All Veterans: Thank you to my dad Barry Snavely for your service in Vietnam. It makes me proud that you served our country and I was born while you were serving. Also for a newspaper article in San Diego about your return and my picture with you. I love you and proud you are my dad! Lisa Kozell

Veteran William Frank Klopcic: Thank you to all the veterans who keep us safe. We appreciate all the hardships you endure while serving. We do notice your sacrifices you must endure to keep us safe. Jacki Valdez