Spring Valley takes ownership of Barto’s Landing, seeks to improve boat launch

City receives $200,000 grant, seeks more funding

An aerial view of Barto Landing on Thursday, June 13, 2024 in Spring Valley. The City of Spring Valley purchased the property and has plans to restore it.

Hall Township transferred ownership of Barto’s Landing to the city of Spring Valley, the city said in a news release Wednesday.

Along with the transfer of Barto’s Landing, the city will receive $200,000 in state funding to repair and maintain the boat launch. The city also will seek out additional funding to undertake transformative repairs to return the boat launch to its former glory.

The city said it has already begun the engineering work necessary to return the boat launch to its prior useful state.

“While the elected officials of the city are encouraged by this recent development, this project will take time as the city is required to obtain approval and permits from both the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps. of Engineers for any transformative work done to the boat launch,” the city said in its news release. “The city is fully committed to returning to the boat launch to an economic driver of the community and a useful piece of infrastructure for the residents of Spring Valley and the surrounding communities.”

The city said the transfer of property was a result of efforts and communications of elected officials from both entities.

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