Enjoy Your Summer Activities: Don’t Ignore That Knee Pain

Summer is a time to get outside and bask in the warm weather and have some fun.

Many summer activities like vacations, concerts and sporting events were put on hold last year. Now that they are back, you’ll probably want to enjoy them more than ever. But because things like these involve a lot of standing and walking, an ongoing ache may get in the way of partaking in all the fun, especially if those aches are in the knee joint.

“We tend to normalize pain because it doesn’t keep us from doing what we want to do,” says Dr. Michael Waido at Sycamore Integrated Health.

If you’re feeling constant soreness or discomfort in the knee area, here are some signs that you should get it looked at so you can enjoy your summer more thoroughly.

Be honest about the pain

We all have pain and soreness from time to time, but if such discomfort persists and is localized in one area (i.e.: knee, back, shoulder, etc.), it could be a sign that you’ve suffered an injury of some kind.

“The day could be just around the corner where our pain is impacting our daily activities and things we want to do,” Dr. Waido said.

Integrated health can help

Try not to guess or self-diagnose what it may be. That could lead to improper self-treatment and actually make things worse. This is where one of the many benefits of the type of care provided at an integrated health facility is valuable, because it’s all about getting to the root cause of the problem.

What you may think is just random soreness could actually be something else.

The onset of osteoarthritis for example, is a common condition that can fluctuate depending on your activity level. So, if you want to enjoy all that summer fun, you’ll need to know what exactly is causing your discomfort so that it can be treated properly.

“Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that occurs with decreases in activity,” says Dr. Austin Mennen, at Sycamore Integrated Health. “Increasing your weight-bearing activity is a great idea to decrease your chances of developing or worsening your condition.”

This is where not just identifying, but understanding proper treatments are so important. The exercises, and non-invasive therapies your healthcare professional may apply can eliminate the need for surgery or prescription medications, getting you back to your normal activity level faster and safer.

Additionally, many patients experience immediate pain relief and improved mobility.

Don’t let those achy knees interfere with enjoying your summer fun! For more information or questions on the benefits of chiropractic care, visit www.sycamoreintegratedhealth.com or call 815-895-3354.

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