Johnson: Genoa chamber looking forward to being ‘Cog-nected’

Happy New Year from the Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce.

A new year signifies the end of a chapter, and holds the hopes, the dreams, and the possibilities of a whole new year. We have the opportunity to look back and forward at the same time. We celebrate our success, learn from our mistakes and set new goals for the new year. As we look back on 2020 and reflect on the past year, we can see how much hope this new year brings. We survived a pandemic and have remained “Cog-nected.”

Yes, you read that right, “Cog-nected.” A cog is a wheel or bar with a series of projections on its edge, which transfers motion by engaging with projections on another wheel or bar. You can see their differences, but they all provide the same purpose, to work with one another to move forward. A cog in a wheel is an important element; it keeps a machine running smoothly. If it’s cared for – cleaned, oiled and polished regularly – it will serve the machine well for years. Just like our partnerships with one another. When cared for we all move forward with success. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a cog working together with all businesses and community members.

This year we watched our cogs spin as our businesses and community rallied together and remained hopeful. We saw people lifting each other up and spreading kindness as we pushed forward. We adapted our ways and found new ways of gathering, virtually or with safe distances. Events still took place in an adapted way. We have come together when it looked like everything was falling apart. We have overcome.

We are looking forward to 2021. The fresh year will bring with it a number of new opportunities to work together and grow. Genoa has a great energy of possibility that will undoubtedly bring us a year to be proud of. The Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce our 2021 Board of Directors: Manuel Peña, president; Karen Simmons, vice president; Linda Peterson, treasurer; Josh Kubiak; Jennifer Rink; Phil Harris; Mark Carlson; Melissa Davidson; and Stephanie Bradac. Ex-officio members include Alyssa Seguss and Rick Amato. We would like to thank our past board members who have moved into new chapters of their lives: Pattie Marx, Tyler Studebaker and Tricia Herrera. The dedication to Genoa did not go unnoticed.

As the new year is starting out, we would like to pause a moment and say thank you to all of our members, sponsors and supporters. We wish you and your family a healthy and successful new year and look forward to another year of working together and continuing to be “Cog-nected”.

The Genoa Chamber continues to grow and would love to have you grow with us! Be a part of the gears that help up “Move forward with a purpose.” We would be happy to tell you about our upcoming adapted events, chamber membership and sponsorship opportunities. Call us today to make an appointment. We are here to serve you and to spotlight your growing business! Come out and Explore Genoa!

Visit our website at any time for more information on becoming a Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce member,

Make this year the best one yet! Blessings for a wonderful 2021!

• Krissy Johnson is executive director of the Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce.