DeKalb aldermen say recorder plans ‘not a personal attack’ on city clerk amid clerk’s inability to perform job

Records taken at city council meetings have to be “clear and accurate,” says Ward 2 Alderwoman Bar Larson. City Clerk Sasha Cohen says plans to take away

DeKalb Second Ward Alderwoman Barb Larson talks during the Monday, May 24, 2021 City Council meeting at the DeKalb Public Library.
File photo from April 12, 2021: Then DeKalb City Clerk-Elect Sasha Cohen, who also is an Annie Glidden North neighborhood resident, talks during a Monday, April 12 DeKalb City Council meeting at the DeKalb Public Library.
DeKalb City Clerk Sasha Cohen’s public apology came after DeKalb area residents expressed concerns this month in community social media groups about Cohen posting criticisms about police and writing “ACAB,” an acronym meaning “all cops are bastards,” in public social media posts as a public official. (Screenshot by Daily Chronicle on 8.24.21)