DeKalb County property transfers: April 15-21, 2024

Sauk Valley property transfers

Riverbend Homes LLC to Finney Homes LLC, Lots at 109 and 111 Winding Trail, Genoa, $14,000.

Scott R. and Tracie A. Sheffer to Teds Vintage Treasures LLC, Residence at 814 E. Sixth St., Sandwich, $200,000.

Ronnie T. and Michele L. Hill to Donald A. and Sung S. Gaynor, Residence at 597 Turnbury Court W., DeKalb, $325,000.

Brick Road LLC / Thomas H. Howlett to Martin Ramirez, Residence at 326 S. Genoa St., Genoa, $235,000.

Roger Wisted, Nancy Wisted Gonzalez and Thomas Wisted to Thomas Wisted Trustee Trust, Residence at 202 S. Shabbona Road, Shabbona, $200,000.

REO Funding Solutions IV LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 1001 S. Wind Drive, Sandwich, $20,888.89.

Green Ridge Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Lot at 806 Kennedy St., Waterman, $21,218.

Matthew A. and Kalrissa E. Taylor to Aaron and Brianna Lewandowski, Residence at 2304 Luther Lowell Lane, Sycamore, $450,000.

Nathaniel A. Birr and Jessica Lightfoot to Michael A. Kothe, Anne R. Kothe and Michaela A. Kothe, Residence at 41 N. Pampas Drive, Cortland, $133,000.

Patricia L. Zambreno, formerly known as Patricia L. Lubas, to Jeremy Allen and Alexis Cartee, Residence at 812 E. Railroad St., Kingston, $287,000.

Michael Davis to Tyler S. Penticoff, Residence at 131 Home Drive, DeKalb, $186,000.

CA Properties Management Inc. to Bill and Bev Lovett, Residence at 1831 E. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, $175,000.

Peter J. Olson to Chirag M. Patel, Residence at 365 N. Hickory St., Waterman, $110,000.

Mark R. Shubert to Gary and Laura Ganster, Residence at 89 W. Meadow Drive, Cortland, $275,000.

Robert J. and Bonnie Henry-Buchholz to Dalton James and Kailyn Rose Carr, Residence at 7335 Lee Road, Waterman, $120,000.

Jeremiah L. and Kay L. Loch Trusts Trustees to Daniel Edward and Kristin Hanson Peska, Residence at 446 Somonauk St., Sycamore, $352,500.

Thomas E. Skora to Brittany C. Humphrey, Residence at 604 Normal Road, DeKalb, $237,900.

Erik R. Perez to Alexander Bles and Megan Raicine, Residence at 723 Tyler St., Genoa, $233,500.

Theodore and Kristine Enright to Michael E. and Stacey A. Backer, Residence at 492 N. Charles St., Cortland, $303,000.

Jay Arnold and Betty Marie Ward AB Living Trust to Halmar D. Rodriguez, Commercial at 1106, 1110 and 1124 S. Fourth St., DeKalb, $430,000.

Old Mill Park By Grainger LLC to Robert J. and Gwen E. Skanse, Residence at 11 Briden Lane, Sycamore, $406,209.

Silverthorne Development FCO to Jeremy and Christie Miklas, Residence at 32 W. Sandalwood Ave., Cortland, $341,156.

Finney Homes LLC to Christopher and Trisha Peterson, Residence at 525 S. Hahn Drive, Cortland, $298,513.

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