DeKalb resident files bid to seek DeKalb County Circuit Clerk post

Tammie Shered files her candidacy for DeKalb County Circuit Clerk on Nov. 28.

SYCAMORE – A nearly lifelong DeKalb County resident has filed candidacy papers to run for DeKalb County Circuit Clerk next year.

Tammie Shered, a Democrat, said her community spurred her to make a run for DeKalb County Circuit Clerk. Shered said that what she learned while working as the felony diversion coordinator in the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s office is the reason she think’s she’s the woman for the job.

“There’s people around me who want me to do this. It was really not in my mindset, but I knew from working where I worked for almost four years, being the felony diversion coordinator for first time offenders of DeKalb, that there needs to be some restorative changes in our community,” the DeKalb resident said.

Shered, 65, graduated from Sycamore High School in 1977 and studied criminal justice at Kishwaukee College. Shered is an independent contractor with the Arts in Action Project at the DeKalb County History Center, and is an active member of the local Social Justice Committee, according to her campaign announcement.

“The changes that I’m seeing presently – with the homeless on the street or what they call people in transition, a lot of extra crimes and people being put in jail unnecessarily – there’s got to be a better way to restore our community. Our community has always been a quiet, calm community, but as of late, the last five, 10 years it’s changed considerably,” Shered said.

Shered has never held public office. If she’s going to do win in 2024, she’ll have to unseat incumbent DeKalb County Circuit Clerk Lori Grubbs, a Republican, who is seeking reelection.

“You’re never too old to make changes, no matter where you are, who you are in your life, and I wanted to teach the young people that,” Shered said.

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