Here’s who’s filed for 2024 primary election in DeKalb County

Stickers await people who cast their ballots on the first day of early voting Thursday, May 19, 2022, at the polling place in the DeKalb County Legislative Center in Sycamore. Any registered voter in DeKalb County may choose to vote early, in person or through the mail, ahead of the June 28 primary election.

SYCAMORE – There won’t be many contested local races when DeKalb County voters head to the polls for the spring primary, if candidate filings with the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder’s Office hold.

Voters in the March 19 primary election will get to weigh in on candidates seeking their respective party’s nomination for president, Congress and the Illinois General Assembly. They’ll also get to weigh in on candidates seeking nominations for several countywide offices including state’s attorney, coroner, circuit court clerk and DeKalb County Board seats in all 12 districts.

Locally, voters will see contested races for the Republican candidate for DeKalb County coroner, and Republican contested races for DeKalb County Board seats in districts 1 and 12.

On the primary ballots for Springfield seats, voters also will choose between multiple Democrats and Republicans seeking to represent them in the House’s 76th District, and the 37th Senate District. A contested primary for Congressional seat in the Illinois 14th District also is expected.

Voters’ chosen Democrat and Republican candidates who are victorious in the spring Primary will go on to the Nov. 5 General Election in 2024.

Dec. 11 will be the last day for filing objections to nomination papers of candidates. The State Board of Elections has until Jan. 11 to certify candidates to us that have filed with them.

Here’s who filed to run for office in the March 19 Primary election. Races with multiple candidates from the same political party will be contested:

Countywide races

DeKalb County Circuit Clerk:

Lori Grubbs, Republican (incumbent)

Tammie Shered, Democrat

DeKalb County Coroner

*contested Republican primary

Linda Besler, Republican

Brian K. Zarbock, Republican

Cat Prescott, Democrat

DeKalb County State’s Attorney

Riley N. Oncken, Republican

Charles “Chuck” Rose, Democrat

DeKalb County Board, District 1

*contested Republican primary

Lawrence R. West, Republican

Tim Hughes, Republican

Tracy Ash, Democrat

DeKalb County Board, District 1 (for a two-year unexpired term)

Rhonda L. Henke, Republican (incumbent)

Frederick Hall, Democrat

DeKalb County Board, District 2

Kathleen “Kathy” Lampkins, Republican (incumbent)

Christopher Schroeder, Democrat

DeKalb County Board, District 3

Amber Quitno, Democrat (incumbent)

Kim E. Coovert, Republican

DeKalb County Board, District 4

Stewart Ogilvie (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 5

Veronica Garia-Martinez, Democrat

Savannah Ilenikhena, Republican (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 6

Meryl Domina, Democrat (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 7

Terri Mann-Lamb, Democrat (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 8

Christopher Porterfield, Democrat (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 9

Ellingsworth Webb, Democrat (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 10

Laura L. Hoffman, Democrat

Susan Smith Lindell, Republican

DeKalb County Board, District 11

Shell (Celeste) DeYoung Dunn, Democrat

Roy E. Plote (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board District 11 (For 2-year unexpired term)

Anna Wilhelmi, Democrat

Joseph R. Marcinkowski, Republican (incumbent)

DeKalb County Board, District 12

*contested Republican primary

Phyllis G. Brown, Republican

Traci Griffin-Lappe, Democrat

Jerry Osland, Republican (incumbent)

State races

House of Representatives

District 76

*contested primaries

Cohen Barnes, of DeKalb, Democrat

Carolyn “Morris” Zasada, of DeKalb, Democrat

Amy “Murri” Briel, of Ottawa, Democrat

Liz Bishop, of La Salle, Republican

Crystal Loughran, of Peru, Republican

70th District

Jeff Keicher (incubment), Republican

Randi Olson, Democrat

74th District

Bradley J. Fritts (incumbent), Republican

David Simpson, Democrat

89th District

Tony M. McCombie, Republican (incumbent)


37th District

*contested primaries

Li Arellano Jr., Republican

Chris Bishop, Republican

Tim Yager, Republican

45th District

Dennis M. Reboletti, Republican

Martha “Marti” Deuter, Democrat

Congressional races

11th District

*contested primaries

Democrat Bill Foster (incumbent), Naperville

Democrat Qasim Rashid, Naperville

Republican Jerry Evans, Warrenville

Republican Susan Hathaway-Altman, Geneva

Republican Kent Mercado, Bartlett

14th District

*contested primaries

Democrat Lauren Underwood, Naperville (incumbent)

Republican James T. Marter, Oswego

16th District

Republican Darin LaHood, Peoria

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