The three ‘Dubs’ remain close despite the distance

Adam Vigars, Grant Foes and Drew Woolley grew up in Princeton playing baseball or football together, fishing, attending church camp or preschool together, hanging out together and doing everything else best friends do.

You didn’t see one of them around without at least one of the other with them.

Entering high school their circle of friends grew, but the three of them remained a solid core.

When they were playing separate sports in school they always supported one another.

Now they’re going their separate ways, but keeping their bond by going to a Wesleyan University, but in three separate states.

Foes is attending Indiana Wesleyan in Marion, Ind., to play football and study sports management.

Woolley is attending Iowa Wesleyan in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, to play baseball and study criminal justice.

Vigars is attending Kansas Wesleyan in Salina, Kan., to play golf and study digital forensics.

They like to call themselves the “Three Dubs.”

Ironic perhaps, but no surprise for three boys who are so tight.

“It is funny and we do make a lot of jokes about all of us picking different Wesleyans, the funniest one to me is none of us picked the home state Wesleyan,” Foes said.

“We always joke about it, I honestly think it’s just another way that we have bonded as friends,” Woolley said.

They have been talking every day since and that bond will remain no matter the distances — Foes and Vigars are 750 miles apart stretching over four states with Woolley in the middle, 440 miles from Salinas, Kan., and 386 miles from Marion, Ind.

“It will definitely be different not seeing the guys that I’ve been around almost everyday for the last four years, but I have no doubt that we will stay close friends,” Vigars said.

“It will be extremely excited, but I will definitely miss having my guys always there by my side,” Woolley said.

“I’m going to miss those guys a lot, but I’m excited to see what they are able to do at the next level,” Foes said.

• A former classmate, Dylan Sayler, has joined the Wesleyan connection to play baseball for Oklahoma Wesleyan (Bartelsville). He moved from Princeton in the fifth grade to Colorado Springs, Colo., and has turned a successful prep career in the Rocky Mountain state into an opportunity to play at the next level.

He was first team all-conference for Mesa Ridge High School’s conference champs and made the Colorado All-State Team Honorable Mention.

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