Letters to the Editor

Letter: Note to Princeton Football

Great team you have at Princeton! I’m a parent of one of the Le-Win Panthers you played last Friday, specifically Marey Roby. He unfortunately suffered a season-ending injury but I wanted to address a couple of issues.

Firstly, the people of Princeton were gracious to my son. As he was leaving the field to go to the hospital, a person gave him a blanket that he now cherishes. A shout out to Coach Snyder, who tweeted Marey the day following the game, expressing his prayers and thoughts on behalf of the Tigers, a very kind gesture. Also, the Tiger players (namely Augie Christensen) who corresponded with him were awesome, demonstrating what’s great about high school sports and the character of all of our kids. Thank you to all of you.

Secondly, on a less than positive note, please have medical services available at the ready every game. I’m sure this was an oversight but to not have an ambulance or other emergency vehicles at the game was concerning and will be rectified in the upcoming games. Fortunately the hospital was close and the care there was great.

Good luck the remainder of the season!

Thank you.

Dan Brown