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Green River Community Fund now taking charitable organization applications

Grant funds local projects and initiatives

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The Green River Community Fund is now taking applications for grants for charitable organizations in the Green River Wind Farm footprint.

The Green River Community Fund supports local projects and initiatives grants, donations, gifts or contributions, related to the areas of environmental, biodiversity, amateur athletics, arts and cultural activities, education, health and wellness, disadvantaged individuals, community infrastructure and community capital assets in the communities.

These organizations can be connected to the townships or in any adjacent township connected to the Green River Wind Farm in North Central Illinois.

Each grant recipient must be a qualifying public charity under the 501(c)(3) or the direction of a qualifying exempt organization.

The Community Fund shall not provide support or funds to churches, religious organizations or organizations affiliated with a church or religious organization or political activity of any nature.

Local Charitable organizations interested in learning more about the grant application process can contact the Green River Community Fund’s Board President Rick R. Clary at 815-875-3462 or rick.clary@central-bank.com.