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Bureau County clerk, recorder seeks re-election

Eggers says he wants to enact Honor Rewards in Bureau County

Matt Eggers is seeking re-election for his second term as Bureau County clerk and recorder.

Eggers was elected to his first term as Bureau County clerk and recorder in 2018, succeeding long-time clerk Kami Hieronymus, who retired.

“During my time in office, I have overseen many changes in the election process, including the expansion of the vote by mail process,” Eggers said. “Even with making necessary changes, I have been able to keep my election costs within the budget. With the help of my staff and many election judges, I have been able to conduct trustworthy elections during my time in office and the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the heightened scrutiny of the election process in recent years. "

During his first term, Eggers oversaw new, up-to-date, software installation for the records department, both in the vital records and the land records.

“The vital records and land records will all be digitized in the coming months (2022), which will make viewing records or getting records easier” Eggers said. “I will be doing this using money that the county received via the American Rescue Plan to help support COVID-19 response efforts. The digitalized records will make it easier for people to view or purchase records from their home or office.

“If re-elected, I will create a working relationship with the businesses around Bureau County and help them implement a program called Honor Rewards. This program enables local veterans to receive discounts and benefits from local businesses and retailers who elect to participate in the program.

Eggers said a goal of his is to improve the pay structure for his staff.

“I have been working on this and will continue to do so during my time in office,” Eggers sad. “The courthouse is staffed with professional and experienced employees who deserve to be compensated as such.”

Egger’s office also has implemented a program from the recording department — a property fraud alert. Property fraud alert is an outreach service that will alert subscribers against the possibilities of fraudulent activity being committed against their personal mortgage or property.

Eggers, a lifelong resident of Bureau County, graduated in 2002 from Princeton High School and resides in Princeton with his wife, Christina, and their three boys, Levi, Jacob and Lukas.