Princeton Elementary School Board approves $14 million budget

Budget is projecting small $19,000 deficit

The Princeton Elementary Board of Education approved their FY22 budget during Monday night’s meeting.

Superintendent J.D. Orwig told the board that there were just some minor changes made from the tentative budget to the final budget that was approved.

The overall budget shows total revenue of $14,166,449 and total expenses of $14,186, 261 and an overall deficit of $19,812.

Orwig said, “There is $180,000 in the working cash fund that will be transferred to the building fund before the end of the year. This will wipe out the negative spending.”

Orwig also explained that a negative balance of $19,812 is a very small amount in a total budget of $14 million.

“The best news I can give you at the end of the day is there’s only a small projected deficit. Our major funds are very healthy and in the black,” he said.

Orwig also reminded the board that a budget can change at a moment’s notice. It is just a projection and there can always be a hidden or unexpected expense.

The board also approved the FY22 BEST Budget, presented by Egan Hicks, during the August meeting. Princeton is the administrative district for the BEST program.

In other news:

Orwig provided a Return to Learn Plan update. Orwig said that a letter was sent home to families earlier in the school year explaining that they were having trouble in the lunchrooms in regards to this being the place that contact tracing found students to be in too close of contact. The principals at each building came up with some creative ways to have less children together at one time.

Orwig said, “We have made improvements during lunch and we haven’t had any close contacts sent home since. We just want to keep kids in school.”

Unvaccinated staff members are being tested weekly as mandated by the state of Illinois. Testing began on Sept. 21.

The board approved the recommended policy updates and the ISBE Bullying Prevention Plan. Also approved was the ARP Fund Allocation Plan, which is a new requirement.

Blake Jacobs was hired as the Logan STEM coach and Aaron Crowder was hired as the 6th grade boys basketball coach for the 2021-22 school year.

Alanna Warren was hired as a paraprofessional at Jefferson School.

The board approved the maternity leave request of Jana Nordstrom.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 25, at 5:30 p.m. in the Logan Media Center.