A surprise holiday gift of 50 Chromebooks for Will County students

LS Power donates 50 computers to Southern Will County Cooperative for Special Education

A chance conversation at a Will County hair salon led to the donation of 50 Chromebooks to students in Southern Will County Cooperative for Special Education.

Kristina Cameron, the manager at the LS Power facility in University Park, was getting a haircut in Will County and chatting with her stylist, who told her the previous customer had just left in tears, worried about her students who are facing a bigger challenge than most during the pandemic.

Cameron learned that the students attend the cooperative’s Joseph E. Fisher School Therapeutic Program, which provides emotional, behavioral, and social support, in addition to education, to students in kindergarten through grade eight.

But now with COVID restrictions, the entire school is falling behind simply because these kids don’t have computers.

So Cameron went to the parent company and was able to purchase 50 computers for the school, which were delivered on Dec. 19.