2021 scholarships and awards presented at Bureau Valley High School

MANLIUS — Bureau Valley High School announced the recipients of the 2021 scholarships and awards.

2021 scholarships

• Ames/Walnut Masonic College Scholarship — Evan Eckberg.

• Nancy Jo Olds Bohm Memorial Scholarship — Madison Dye.

• Bureau Valley Ag Boosters Association Scholarship — Shelby Hardy and Elisabeth Sullivan.

• Bureau Valley Foundation Scholarships — Paige Wagner, Madison Dye and Dalton Bohm.

• Todd Buzzard Memorial Scholarship — Marli Walsh.

• Candace Pierson DeShazo Memorial Scholarship — Jerrey Nelson.

• Joy T. Frederick Agriculture Scholarship — Shelby Hardy.

• National Honor Society Scholarship — Evan Eckberg.

• Richard and Margaret Peterson Memorial Scholarship — Elisabeth Sullivan.

• Bernell C. Ross Music Scholarship — Makayla Heller.

• Willian E. Sapp Family Memorial Scholarship — Saralyn Elmore.

• Sheffield Pride Scholarship — Brooke York.

• Switzer Scholarships — Jackson Lind, Evan Eckberg and Shelby Hardy.

• Al Walker Scholarship — Madison Dye.

2021 awards

• Agriculture Award — Wyatt Wessel.

• American Legion Award — Evan Eckberg and Shelby Hardy; and honorable mention — Brianna Broers and Max Wollerman.

• Anita Peach Elgin Scholarship — Marli Walsh.

• Art Award — Paige Twidell.

• D.A.R. Award — Paige Wagner.

• Elks Teen of the Year — Jackson Lind.

• Evelyn Margaret Scholarship — Marli Walsh.

• Family and Consumer Science Award — Ryley Aukes.

• Illinois State Scholars — Evan Eckberg, Saralyn Elmore and Jackson Lind.

• Math Award — Jackson Lind.

• Nutrien Scholarship — Brianna Broers.

• Pass It Along Scholarship — Madison Dye and Jackson Lind.

• President’s Education Awards — Saralyn Elmore, Evan Eckberg, Jackson Lind and Jerrey Nelson.

• S.A.R. Award — Jackson Lind.

• Science Award — Saralyn Elmore.

• Social Studies Award — Jackson Lind.

• Spanish Award — Elisabeth Sullivan.

• Student Council Awards — Jade Aber, Jackson Lind and Paige Wagner.

• V.F.W. Citizenship Awards — Madison Dye and Jackson Lind.

• Voice of Democracy — Madison Dye and Paige Wagner.

• SVCC Agribusiness Scholarship — Shelby Hardy.

• Sauk Scholars — Madison Dye and Saralyn Elmore.

Art Awards

• Sculptural 3D — Kamryn Kolb and Eliszabeth Sullivan, honorable mention.

• Graphic Design, Paige Twidell, third.

• Acrylic and Oil: Still Life — Paige Twidell, honorable mention.

• Acrylic and Oil: Miscellaneous — Paige Twidell, third and honorable mention.

Ceramics: Sculptural — Elisabeth Sullivan, honorable mention.

Music Awards

Four-year band — Nicholas Bosch, Saralyn Elmore, Makayla Heller and Paige Twidell.

Four-year chorus — Regan Cook, Maria Endress, Saralyn Elmore and Makayla Heller.

• John Philip Sousa Award — Saralyn Elmore.

• National Choral Award — Paige Twidell.

Athletic Awards

• Athletic Booster Club Sportsmanship Award — Evan Eckberg and Madison Dye.

• Bob O’Bryant 12-Star Award — Evan Eckberg, Kamryn Kolb and Paige Wagner.

• Four-year athletic participants — Jade Aber, Nicholas Bosch, Brianna Broers, Regan Cook, Cheyenne DePatis, Madison Dye, Evan Eckberg, Jonah Johnson, Kamryn Kolb, Jackson Lind, Luke Moon, Lily Pickard, Logan Rinehart, Drew Spencer, Elisabeth Sullivan, Paige Twidell, Lauren Wirth, Brooke York, Tiffaney Vanous and Paige Wagner.

• Three Rivers Academic All-Conference — Jade Aber, Brianna Broers, Regan Cook, Cheyenne DePatis, Madison Dye, Evan Eckberg, Saralyn Elmore, Ellie Geldean, Makayla Heller, Jonah Johnson, Kamryn Kolb, Jackson Lind, Taylor May, Luke Moon, Lily Pickard, Logan Rinehart, Elisabeth Sullivan, Paige Twidell, Tiffaney Vanous, Paige Wagner, Lauren Wirth and Brooke York.