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Ohio, Ill. murder case trial date set Jan. 30

Pairadee faces the possibility of natural life sentence, if found guilty

Bureau County Sheriff and Illinois State Police Crime Scene Investigators work the scene of an incident in the 200 block of E. Long Street on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022 in Ohio, Ill. A suspect is in custody and there is no longer a threat to the community, the Bureau County Sheriff’s Office told Ohio Community School District.

An initial trial date of Jan. 30 has been set for the Ohio, Ill. murder case after defendant Matthew J. Pairadee appeared in court Monday for his arraignment hearing.

Pairadee has requested to represent himself barring the results of a mental evaluation and is facing four counts, including first degree murder of Jerome Lauer, 69, and home invasion, that were returned by a Bureau County Grand Jury.

Pairadee, 31, has been held on $10 million bond since his capture after an eight-hour standoff with police that occurred on Oct. 23-24 in Ohio.

He faces a minimum of 45 years and a maximum of natural life for the murder charges with a firearm enhancement. The home invasion, class X felony, will carry a minimum of 21 years and maximum of 45 years with a firearm enhancement.

If convicted on all charges, Pairadee would be required to serve his sentences consecutively.

As of Monday’s hearing, Pairadee has not had an official public defender appointed to his case as he has made a request to defend himself.

During Pairadee’s initial hearing, his temporary representative, Public Defender Eric May, filed a motion to have a mental evaluation performed to determine if Pairadee is fit to defend himself.

As of Monday, this evaluation had yet to take place.

Bureau County Public Defender, Ray Nolasco, was present Monday, but Judge James Andreoni indicated Nolasco had previously worked with a victim in this case and in the interest of avoiding any possible conflict of interest, Nolasco would not be assigned to the case.

Public Defender Brad Popurella was in attendance and acted as Pairadee’s representation during Monday’s hearing.

Pairadee, once again, said his intent to represent himself as Andreoni said he would not OK Pairadee to represent himself until after a mental evaluation had been performed and the results have been reported.

Pairadee elected to enter a plea of not guilty and demanded a speedy trial by a jury.

Pairadee then said he would like to make a written statement to the court, something Andreoni advised against as anything he said could be used against him. Pairadee elected not to speak at that time.

The court set an upcoming pre-trial date of Jan. 11 in order to oblige Pairadee’s request of a speedy trial.

State’s Attorney Thomas Briddick also agreed, at the request of the court, to provide courtesy discovery copies to both the public defender’s office and Pairadee, in the case he passes the exam and is appointed to represent himself by the court.

Pairadee was arrested in October, after police said he entered a home by force in the 300 block of West Railroad Street in Ohio and took a 10-month-old child from the home. After Pairadee left the home, gunshots were heard and a witness told police a man was lying in the road near the intersection of West Railroad and Elm streets as Pairadee left the area. Sheriff’s deputies discovered Lauer’s body and his truck nearby in park with the driver’s door open, leading investigators to believe Lauer pulled over his truck to speak to Pairadee.