Senior Spotlight>Zach Baker (Bureau Valley)

Name: Zach Baker.

School: Bureau Valley.

Date/place of birth: Feb. 17th, 2003/Sterling.

Hometown: Manlius.

Family: Father - Joseph Noonan Hunt; mother - Adriane Bake; brother: Mason Baker; sister - Alexandrya Bartels.

Sports/activities: Bureau Valley basketball.

Nickname(s): Bake.

Favorite sport and why: Basketball is my favorite sport, because there is a lot of life lessons and you learn to work well with your teammates.

Favorite food and where to get it: Chicken Parmesan from my Dad.

Likes: Video games, fishing, and spending time with friends.

Dislikes: Tomatoes, being late, and being sick

Person with the greatest influence on my athletic career and why: I would say my Dad is the greatest influence on my athletic career, because he has always given me the best advice on and off the court.

Person with the greatest influence in my life and why: Both of my parents have had the greatest influence in my life, because they have always been there for me, and are the reason why I am who I am today.

Who’s your dream celebrity prom date: Anna Shumate.

Name three historic figures you’d like to meet and why: Lewis Durlacher, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ, because they were all great leaders in their own ways.

If stranded on a deserted island, I would have my: Fishing pole.

The last song I listened to: Lil Baby - “Ready ft. Gunna.”

People would be surprised to know: That I work with my brother at Subway.

I stay home to watch: “Outer Banks.”

When I need luck for a big game, I: Pray.

The funniest person I’ve ever met): Max Wollerman is the funniest person I’ve ever met, because we think the same and we have so many inside jokes.

What they’ll say about me at school after I graduate: That I was a great guy to be around.

Most embarrassing moment: After a basketball game, somebody took my pants and I had to wear a towel to get to the car.

Most unforgettable moment: Injuring my ankle and having to get surgery.

Ultimate sports fantasy: Playing with Derrick Rose in the NBA.

What I would like to do in life: I would like to become a Podiatrist.

Three words that best describe myself: Fearless, Persistent, and Motivated.