2022 Election: Eggers bests Benavidez for Bureau County Clerk

Eggers leads Benavidez with a vote total of 8,536 to 3,943 with 100% precincts reporting

Matthew Eggers

Unofficial Bureau County election results show Incumbent Matthew Eggers (R) with a lead over Challenger Dylan Benavidez (D) with a vote count of 8,536 to 3,943 with 100% of precincts reporting.

All vote totals are considered unofficial and are created from monitoring local county election results.

Eggers was elected to his first term as Bureau County clerk and recorder in 2018, succeeding long-time clerk Kami Hieronymus. He is lifelong Bureau County resident that graduated from Princeton High School in 2002 and lives in Princeton.

During Eggers first term as Bureau County Clerk, he stated that he oversaw new, up-to-date software installation for the records department and said that a goal of his is to improve the pay structure for his staff.

Benavidez issued a statement on his campaign Facebook page thanking the community for his support and wishing his opponent well moving forward.

“Thank you to the voters of Bureau County,” Benavidez stated. “I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. I am proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve done and all that I was able to accomplish.”

To my opponent, Mr. Eggers, I wish you well in your next term,” Benavidez stated. “The voters have also spoken and I know you till continue to go to work for them. You have shown me so much over the course of this campaign. I will never forget this, thank you.”