May 13, 2021

NFL mock draft: Hub Arkush’s version 4.0

How do you grade mock drafts?

Are you expecting mockers to match the most players with the right teams? Just nail the top 10 or 15? Predict trades and surprises? Give you the most fun or just name as many of the first 32 players taken as possible?

Knowing this is an exercise built on 32 completely different sets of data and input – none of which any of us have full access to and knowing it also involves 32 disparate sets of strategy and lines of thinking – I just strive to hit as many of the top 32 as I can and anyone matched up with the right club is a bonus.

It is also necessary to note more for your favorite teams than mock drafts, the pandemic has made this the most unusual, difficult and uncertain draft to prepare for quite possibly in the modern era of the game, so the only thing I’m certain of is there will be more surprises than ever before.

But you are free to judge it however you like. For better or worse, here are my final projections for the 2021 NFL lottery.

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush is a Bears/NFL Insider for Shaw Media