AJ Sliders bringing new taste to St. Charles

Restaurant offers takeout and delivery

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With the state currently banning indoor dining, AJ Sliders is a restaurant made for the times.

The restaurant, which opened in late September at 2075 Prairie St., Suite 110, in St. Charles (near the Jewel-Osco), doesn't have a dining room. Food is available for takeout and delivery.

For owner Lance Bell, the opening of the restaurant marked the end of a long journey.

"The planning of this started in 2012," he said. "When we pushed the gas pedal down, it was October of last year. Right as we were getting ready to submit blueprints to the city of St. Charles is when COVID hit. But because there was no dining room, we went on through and made it happen."

On Nov. 12, St. Charles Mayor Ray Rogina welcomed AJ Sliders to the community.

"It's a new choice residents are going to have in a good location here near Randall Road," Rogina said at a ribbon-cutting hosted by the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce. "We wish you nothing but the best and continued success."

Business has been booming at the restaurant.

"We've had 19 record days in the last eight weeks," Bell said. "So it's headed in the right direction."

Bell has a restaurant background that includes opening eight Outback Steakhouse restaurants in the Chicago area. He also helped open Flatlanders restaurant and brewery in Lincolnshire.

The South Elgin resident is the president and CEO of software company ServingIntel. AJ Sliders is a customer of ServingIntel.

Living up to its name, AJ Sliders sells sliders, including a BBQ pork slider, filet slider, chicken slider, veggie slider and the restaurant's signature revelations slider – a blend of ground beef, pepper jack cheese and a choice of jalapeño buffalo, habanero or ghost pepper sauces.

As one could imagine, that slider carries its fair share of heat, which is fine by Bell.

"I love hot, spicy food," he said. "You can feel it as it goes through your intestines."

Salads, sugar-free sodas and desserts – including key lime pie and strawberry pie – round out the menu. The restaurant prides itself on selling food that is not just good, but good for you.

That includes not using wheat in its slider buns.

"The primary ingredients are almond flour and cheese," Bell said. "So there's no gluten, there's no wheat and it's very low carb. It's real food and it fills you up. You don't need a big burger."

There are four ingredients you won't find in the restaurant – soy, gluten, wheat and sugar. Bell has improved his health by cutting carbs out of his life.

"As I got older, my weight kept going up," he said. "And finally, I had to address it and I decided to address it with low carbs. It worked incredibly well. I lost like 30 pounds in 2 1/2 months."

Alongside the sliders, the restaurant sells loaded freedom fries.

"In a way, you could say it's freedom from starch," Bell said. "There's no fryers. Everything is baked."

The fries are made out of rutabaga rather than potatoes, which is another healthy substitute.

"Rutabagas are one-third the calories of a potato and they're high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals so they're healthy for you," Bell said. "When you look at it, it looks just like a french fry, except it's got a different flavor profile. It actually comes across as a little sweet, even though there's no sugar in it."

Bell is a Christian and wants his business to impact the world for Jesus Christ. AJ Sliders supports four local charities – Fox Valley Christian Action, Hero's Rest/Shalam Ministries, Lazarus House and Wayside Cross Ministries.

Bell has plans to open more AJ Sliders in the Fox Valley. The next two locations he envisions will feature plenty of indoor dining.

"They're going to be called AJ's Hangouts, so people can come in and families can sit together and eat in a post-COVID world," Bell said.

Along with offering takeout and delivery, AJ Sliders caters events. More information is available at its website, ajsliders.com, or on its Facebook page.