Troy30-C schools pay tribute to veterans - even with no group activities

Students at the seven Troy Community School District 30-C schools found ways to honor local veterans on this year’s Veterans Day, despite restrictions on group activities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students in Kaetlyn McHugh’s third-grade class at Troy Craughwell Elementary School, such as Callen Foster, colored pictures and wrote letters of appreciation that will be mailed to veterans.

Other Craughwell students also participated in classroom activities designed to learn what it means to serve the U.S. and to thank veterans.

In their social studies classes, William B. Orenic Intermediate School students learned about the importance of military service. They also wrote letters to veterans, thanking them and letting them know how veterans made this country a better place.

Staff at W.B.O. and other Troy schools also made video tributes to veterans, which they posted on their websites.

Students at Troy schools also drew patriotic pictures; wore red, white and blue; and decorated their schools with American flags.