LocalLit book preview: 'The Daraga's Children' by Colleen H. Robbins of Joliet

Last year, I read "Daraga's Quest" by Joliet author Colleen H. Robbins.

Next week, I'll review its sequel, "The Daraga's Children," in the LocalLit newsletter.

Although the book is fantasy and not always a genre I read, Robbins has added an element into her books I find intriguing.

The characters in her "Daraga" series experiences the types of challenges young adults may encounter in their own lives. Reading how the characters tackle them may inspire teens (and adults) to make good choices of their own.

Here is its abridged Amazon book description: "Family is everything, right? Then why do they have so many secrets? When sixteen year old Nicholas Nayevson discovers he can shapeshift into a dragon, he can't wait to show off to his wizard father.

"Travelling as a dragon is tricky, but travelling as a human has its own challenges. Worse, Nicholas has no idea where his father's mysterious Daraga people live. But what can Nicholas do when he discovers that the young man on the other end of his sword is his nearly identical brother--from his father's other family?"

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