February 25, 2021
Local News

'It's a Bug's Life' presentation a sucess at Putnam County libraries

HENRY — Marshall-Putnam Ag in the Classroom has been bugging around!

It’s a Bug’s Life was a success at Putnam County libraries. Participants learned about insect body parts when they built their own bug with playdough, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms and other craft objects. They also were quizzed on classifying bugs based on what they learned about insect body parts. Next, the participants talked about the environments insects live in and why they survive there. After learning about habitats, the participants learned about how insects can be helpful to farmers, gardeners, and even us. Lastly, the participants made a life cycle bracelet which represented the monarch butterfly and its role in pollination.

It’s a Bug’s Life was swarming with information in which the participants enjoyed. If your child was not able to participate, they still have the packets ready with a link for the video so children can take it home and do it themselves, while supplies last. Call the Marshall-Putnam Extension office at 309-364-2356 to set a date to pick up bags.