Cortney Strohacker
Cortney Strohacker

There is so much to love about fall in DeKalb County! It’s arguably the most beautiful time of the year in our neck of the woods.

This year, I am appreciating the changing colors more than I have in years past. The contrast seems to be more vibrant than ever, the air a little crisper, even the apples seem sweeter. Every yard decoration catches my eye and for once I do not just rush past but take a moment to enjoy the talents of my neighbors. Maybe this extra appreciation is because I know that fall is fleeting and soon the snow will be flying or maybe it is due to living through a pandemic for the past seven months. It is funny how life events and circumstances out of your control can change the way you look at things.

I am an extrovert by nature. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. I love to be around people. I seldom sit still. I am always looking for the next concert, event or adventure to experience. COVID-19 has rocked my world and I must admit even made me a little depressed. With so many of my favorite fall events canceled, I was having trouble enjoying my favorite season in DeKalb County.

I realized it was time to quit wallowing in my pandemic blues and go DO SOMETHING! It was time to get out and to take a scenic drive. There is no question about it; road trips are awesome. A successful road trip will be a memory you keep for life. Taking a road trip allows you to get off the beaten path and see actual communities and charming towns. You control your departure time, arrival time, itinerary, and stops along the way. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But you are not sure where to go? Do not worry we have several road trip itineraries for you at the DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau website: All you need to do is pack up the car, grab your masks, hand sanitizer and your favorite playlist.

If you are looking for a family-centered trip with educational, interactive stops and delicious treats, we’ve got a great itinerary for you. If you were thinking more of a romantic getaway with stops at one of our wineries and a long walk along the Kishwaukee River ending with a romantic dinner, we have that covered too. Getting the girls together for a day of shopping and memory making? We have the most unique, vintage, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences in the heart of our downtown communities. Out for a solo adventure and just want to experience the beauty of DeKalb County? You bet we have you covered. In DeKalb County, we believe only boring people get bored.

Microbreweries, farm-to-table dining, art, antiques, orchards galore. We’ve got all of the buzzwords. What more could you really want? So get out there. Leave no stone unturned. It’s your turn to roll the windows down and feel that breeze through your hair, turn the music up and go where the road takes you.

For more ways to experience DeKalb County, sample itineraries and a countywide business directory, visit our website or give us a call at 815-756-1336. We would love to help you plan the perfect road trip through DeKalb County!

• Cortney Strohacker is executive director of the DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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