To the Editor: 

I appreciated your prompt coverage of the protest on August 21 to defend the United States Postal Service. I must also call attention to how the reporting of the coverage fell short. Every quote included was from the Democratic Socialist Party. I have nothing against the Democratic Socialists. I even have a favorite: Bernie Sanders.

The protest was broader than the membership of the Democratic Socialist Party however.

I believe only quoting members of one political organization encourages the readers to infer that members of one group participated, and perhaps even that the concern is limited to that group. This concern is far more widespread than one organization, as it well should be.

The Postal Service is a critical service to residents of the United States and has a long tradition of serving us since Benjamin Franklin created it. I attended the protest, and do not belong to the Democratic Socialist party: my picture was included in the coverage. The overwhelming response we got from passers by was positive. It is important that our representatives know without a doubt that we expect them to show their support for the USPS with oversight and adequate funding.


Roberta McFarland


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