It will take a long time to make America great again

To the Editor:

A reader pointed out that we should thank the president for all he has accomplished instead of criticizing him. I have been negligent in expressing my gratitude to him for what I've learned from him, and I would like to rectify this situation.

Thank you for:

Setting a reasonable limit on hush money paid to porn stars.

Hiring large numbers of convicted felons.

Proving that making fun of people for their looks or physical disabilities is acceptable.

Letting us know it's OK to keep kids in cages.

Making lying an art form. Lie, deny, repeat.

Pretending to be a Christian while pretending not to be a racist or misogynistic.

Not taking ownership of tough problems and blaming others when things go wrong.

Showing that people will vote for someone even if they lack, morals, ethics, values and a conscience.

The last 3 years have been a wild ride and it will take a long time to Make America Great Again. Please spare us an encore.

Terry Winchell