May 23, 2024
Local News

DeKalb County Health Department aims to hire COVID-19-related positions

Following the lead of numerous health agencies, the DeKalb County Health Department is now seeking to hire two positions including a full-time public health nurse for the sake of contract tracing cases of COVID-19, as well as a COVID-19 grants coordinator.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lays out the primary concepts of the job, which are tracing and monitoring contacts of infected people, supporting the quarantine of contacts, helping to expand staff resources and the use of digital tools to expand the reach of the position.

Included in the position are a variety of responsibilities including investigation and surveillance of diseases specific to the coronavirus, providing coordination of testing, contacting and communicating with community medical providers, connects those with suspected COVID-19 cases to services and systems of care, and consultation for other facilities and businesses, among other responsibilities.

The grants coordinator position requires more of a background in budgeting, fundraising, public administration, etc.

Requirements, benefits and methodology to apply for the Grants Coordinator position as well as the Public Health Nurse position are included online.