Zoom call hacker threatens to blow up school in Cary

No threat was found when police responded

A teacher at Oak Knoll Early Childhood Center in Cary was on a Zoom call Monday with her class when a hacker, disguising their voice, came on and threatened to blow up the school, police said.

Deputy Police Chief Scott Naydenoff of the Cary Police Department said there were no children in the school building at the time of the incident, only a small, select group of administrators.

After the hacker said they were going to blow up the school, the teacher ended the call and notified school administration.

When police made contact with the administrators, they were told that the school was locked and no unauthorized persons came in the building. There was no threat to anyone's safety found at the school.

"We did a quick walk through of the school with school personnel and the fire department, and [we] didn't find anything suspicious," Naydenoff said.

The case is currently under investigation.

Naydenoff said this is the first call the police department has taken about Zoom hackers in Cary, but he is aware that these kinds of incidents have become more common as more people have virtual meetings because of the COVID-19 pandemic.