December 08, 2021
Local News

Local News

Rail car fire keeps firefighters busy for four hours

Train crew disconnected burning car full of railroad ties to limit damage

LEONORE — Multiple fire departments including Leonore and Lostant responded to a Wednesday night fire located about 1½north of Route 18 on East 12th Road.

The fire involved a rail car full of railroad ties, said Leonore Fire Chief Don Miller.

The train also had been hauling ethanol; luckily the conductor and engineer got the rail car that had been on fire away from the ethanol tankers, Miller said.

Miller thanked all the fire departments who responded, including Leonore, Lostant, Wenona, Grand Ridge and Reading Township fire departments.

Leonore’s department arrived at the scene around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and was there almost four hours, Miller said.

There were no injuries, he said.