Cigar lounge shooter was ‘infatuated’ with victim, witnesses tell police

LISLE – The night before she opened fire in a Lisle cigar lounge – killing one man, wounding two others and then shooting herself – Lisa McMullan asked a patron, DuPage County sheriff's Deputy Chief Eddie Moore, for the phone number of a defense attorney who frequented The Humidor.

After she left, retired state trooper Greg Rieves leaned over and told Moore, “That [woman] is crazy. She’s been after me for six, seven months.”

That exchange was included in police reports recently made public concerning the Jan. 24 shooting at the lounge in which Rieves was killed and two others – off-duty trooper Kaiton Bullock and retired Special Agent Lloyd Graham – were wounded.

Lisle police and the countywide Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigation Team investigated the shooting.

Rieves and the other two victims were in the lounge that night along with two women.

The women left to use a restroom and didn’t see the shooting. When police arrived, one woman was attending to a wounded man and the other guided police to the room where the shooting occurred.

Moore told investigators he had gone to high school with Rieves and recently reconnected with him. He said the shooter was “infatuated” with Rieves, according to one of the reports.

A longtime friend of Rieves told police that Rieves said he had “hooked up” with the woman.

Another patron said the woman was “obsessed” with Rieves and had become “bitter.” Another said the woman was in love with Rieves.

One of the other women present the night of the shooting said their group had planned to meet at the Lisle lounge a month or so earlier. But when Rieves found out the woman would be there, he suggested they meet at another lounge in Westmont.

The reports also indicated that police found writing on a wall in the shooter’s Hyde Park condominium. It was made in blue marker and had been painted over, but many of the messages were still decipherable.

The messages appeared to be separate notes. One referenced Rieves and another man, saying “I hate you ... I hope you die!”

Another read “pull surveillance video from Humidor Cigar Lounge 1600 Ogden, Lisle, IL on 10/28/19 --> movie screen room look between 6:30-7:30 shows Greg R pulling out a handgun Glock.”

Police asked to view video from that night, but it had been recorded over.

Police also found a handwritten draft of notes about Rieves that the woman was going to send to the Illinois State Police.

A Chicago police officer told investigators he had dated the woman, and when they broke up she filed false complaints against him and harassed him by phone.

The woman’s mother and two aunts told police she had taken up shooting as a hobby several years earlier.

The woman had taken time off from work that week to have a medical procedure done. Her co-workers at Wintrust Mortgage said “she could be difficult to supervise at times and did not take criticism well” and was “defensive but not threatening.”

Rieves and the other two victims were armed with handguns.

Rieves and one of the victims arrived at the lounge between 3:30 and 4 p.m. The shooting happened around 10:13 p.m.