'Kid Rock told me to tell you hi'

Grand Ridge student records video for Kid Rock, collecting pop tabs for charity

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Kid Rock sent a Grand Ridge School student a little surprise at the end of class on Friday.

Cody Orsburn, 13, who wears a Kid Rock hat to school every day, was surprised to learn Country musician John Stone was stopping by the school to perform a song and connect Cody with Kid Rock.

Grand Ridge Principal Terry Ahearn knew of Cody's love of Kid Rock and connected with friend Dean Nodland who passed it to Stone and Kid Rock.

Cody described his love of Kid Rock's music and shared his story with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy in the letter.

"I heard (Cody) was a big Kid Rock fan and, well, Kid Rock happens to be a real close, personal friend of mine, so I called Kid Rock and told him (Cody) was a friend and a fan and (Rock) liked that he wore that hat all the time," Stone said to the school. "So Kid Rock told me to tell you 'hi.' "

The eighth-grader wrote Kid Rock a letter citing his favorite song as "All Summer Long" and a desire to see Kid Rock in concert.

"I was going to send you my hat to sign but I didn't want to lose it. I hope to see you in concert someday," Cody said in the letter.

Orsburn said he didn't expect to hear back from the musician.

Stone sang "All Summer Long" for the school during an assembly with staff and children joining together for applause in sync with the music along with Cody's mother Melissa Winburn and grandmother Susie Carlock.

Cody also was able to record a video for Kid Rock that Stone said he would share.

Stone jokingly asked if Orsburn would like to "flip the bird" to Rock in the video "just one time" to laughs from his family, but Cody declined.

"He loves you too much," Stone said with a smile into the camera.

Students and staff left the building with smiles and looking at each other's photos when Stone left, but not before dropping off some CDs for Cody to distribute to his fellow students.

"This is my friend and this is Kid Rock's friend and y'all be good to him and you all take care of Cody for me OK?" Stone said.

Cody is collecting pop tabs for charity

Cody's been busy in recent days collecting pop tabs for The Ronald McDonald House and has been quite successful.

He was diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy at a young age and was first identified after he fell and broke his leg while chasing his sister at age 5.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association describes the disorder as causing progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to the alterations of a protein called dystrophin that helps keep muscle cells intact. There is no known cure for the disorder at this time.

Cody's been through physical therapy to improve his movement, but as of this year, he's begun using a power chair full-time.

He and his family received support from the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Ohio and Cody wanted to give back to the charity. He's been placing flyers across the school and community to collect aluminum pop tabs from sodas, soup or other aluminum cans for the charity. The funds generated from the recycling of the tabs help offset the charity's expenses.

He's been assisted by his caseworker Lisa Killelea who said the school has collected a large number of tabs thus far both from students, family and the community at large.

Those looking to assist can drop off their tabs at Grand Ridge School, 400 W Main St., before Tuesday, March 17.