Judge vacates order of protection against former county clerk

McClellan says allegations she left headless duck on woman's doorstep were bogus

A McHenry County judge on Friday vacated an order of protection against former McHenry County clerk and judicial candidate Mary McClellan.

McHenry County risk management coordinator Lisa Shamhart requested the emergency order against McClellan on Oct. 25. Shamhart told the court that McClellan and her husband, Ed Gil, threw fake blood at Shamhart's door and left a beheaded duck on her doorstep. McClellan filed a motion seeking to vacate the order on Nov. 6, records show. McHenry County Judge Jeffrey Hirsch granted that request Friday.

“What’s bothersome to me is that somebody could use the judicial system in this manner without any ramifications,” McClellan said. “There was no basis for her allegations.”

McClellan has said Shamhart’s allegations were made in retaliation. McClellan is seeking a court order to help her learn the identity of a person who posted an online comment that revealed privileged details about her husband’s workers’ compensation claim with McHenry County government. McClellan has said she believes Shamhart is tied to the accusatory blog comment and the private information it contained, and is gathering the information in anticipation of a defamation lawsuit.

McClellan, a Republican who spent four years as McHenry County clerk, also is planning a run for a McHenry County circuit judge seat in 2020.

Shamhart could not be reached for comment Monday.

As a result of the initial emergency order of protection, McClellan was required to surrender her firearms, which she said she uses to hunt with her dog. Although the order has been vacated, McClellan still must appeal the original ruling in order to have her weapons returned. The process could take as long as a year, she said.

“I’m just so glad the judge saw it for what it really was,” McClellan said.