Plainfield man charged with harassing witness in battery case

A 38-year-old man was charged with harassing the alleged victim in an aggravated battery case that was filed against him, according to court records.

On Tuesday, Darrius D. Brown, of the 2700 block of Ruth Fitzgerald Drive in Plainfield was charged with harassment of a witness.

The witness is listed as the victim in a 2018 aggravated battery case filed against Brown, according to court records. The woman has been summoned to appear in court in that case, which is scheduled for a jury trial Oct. 7.

In April 2018, Brown was indicted on charges alleging he struck the victim, prevented her from leaving her home, threatened a man and cut that man's neck with a knife, court records show. He was jailed in March 2018 after an attest warrant carrying a
$1 million bond was issued.

The latest charge alleges Brown “communicated directly or indirectly” with the victim “in such a manner as to produce mental anguish or emotional distress” by instructing her to make a “statement to the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office.”

State’s attorney spokeswoman Carole Cheney declined to respond to a question Thursday about what Brown specifically instructed the victim to do.

Brown was not easily subdued by officers during his arrest in 2018, police said. He emerged from his house when officers arrived to arrest him and he attempted to fight with them, police said.