McHenry County clerk addresses Election Day software, communication problems

McClellan plans to create communication officer in future to field calls

After polls were kept open an hour and a half later because of technical issues Tuesday, McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan said in a news release that while there were software glitches, the integrity of the voting process wasn't jeopardized in the primary.

The clerk also acknowledged in the release that communication with judges and election headquarters was one of the “biggest problems” on Election Day. The office received a “staggering number of phone calls,” the release said, and McClellan has formulated a resolution to create a communication officer in the future to field calls.

Forty election specialists were sent to precincts to resolve any Election Day issues, the release stated.

“It is my biggest concern that the voters have the right to vote, and I will do whatever it takes to make this process better. I apologize to any voter or official who was unable to immediately communicate with me or a member or my staff,” McClellan said in the release.

The release also stated McClellan would welcome any review of the process or Election Day events by the State Board of Election.

Turnout was at a record high for the primary, despite voting problems, with 87,672 votes counted and a 42.73 percent turnout, according to the release.