July 22, 2024
Local News

Lisle man who died during fishing trip succumbed to drowning, hypothermia

LISLE – The Lisle man who died Sept. 12 during a fishing tournament in Manitowoc County, Wis., succumbed to hypothermia and drowning, according to Manitowoc County Coroner Curtis Green.

According to Green, there was no evidence that Max W. Boheme, 24, suffered any incapacitating trauma.

Preliminary toxicology tests came out negative for recreational drugs and prescription medication. Alcohol tests are pending, Green said.

Boheme was found dead in Lake Michigan about a quarter of a mile east of the county highway in southern Manitowoc. Boheme was participating in the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series over the weekend.

Boheme was found separated from his kayak wearing a life jacket and an emergency positioning radio beacon.

The water temperature at the time of Boheme's death was 61 degrees Fahrenheit, Green said.

According to the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series Facebook page and the Lucid Fishing website, Boheme is survived by his girlfriend Kat who is expecting to deliver their son Bear in the next couple of weeks.

Lucid Fishing has set up a memorial fund page on their website to help Kat provide for Bear in the absence of Boheme. All donations will be going directly to the family, according to the Lucid Fishing website.

Boheme's family held a memorial service Sept. 20 at Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Home in Naperville.