Campton Hills man faces charges after argument turns physical

CAMPTON HILLS – A Campton Hills man faces criminal charges after a verbal argument between him and a woman turned physical, according to a Campton Hills police report.

Jeremy Dekruyff, 32, of the 9N000 block of Route 47, is accused of grabbing the woman by her hair and pulling her to the floor, after which he punched her in the face multiple times, police reported.

He also threw her into a wall, breaking the drywall, before grabbing her by the neck and choking her to the point that she had difficulty breathing, according to police.

The woman tried to get her cellphone, which he had taken away from her, and her attempts to leave the residence were blocked by Dekruyff, police reported.

It reportedly took the woman about two hours to leave, at which time she went to a relative’s house in St. Charles.

Police visited the site of the reported altercation and described it as being in “disarray,” according to the report. Kitchen drawers were pulled out – they had been thrown at the woman – and a 2-by-2-foot hole was in the drywall where she had been thrown, police reported.

Dekruyff turned himself in Monday on a warrant carrying charges of aggravated domestic battery, a Class 2 felony; two counts of unlawful restraint, a Class 4 felony; and three counts of domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor.