July 17, 2024
Local News

Rock Falls backs sewer line insurance company


ROCK FALLS – The city is endorsing an optional program for homeowners who want to insure their sewer lines.

Many people are unaware that they are responsible for the sewer lines that go from their houses to the point of utility maintenance, Mayor David Blanton said Thursday in a news release.

“If these lines break or leak, repairs can be very expensive.”

The National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Service Line Warranties of America, costs $5.95 a month and covers sewer line repairs up to $4,000, with an additional $4,000 coverage for street cutting, if needed.

Residents should expect to receive solicitations in the mail soon.

The city is not requiring sewer owners to get the insurance, it merely is endorsing this particular provider. Homeowners can choose any company they like, or not get the insurance at all.

The city does not receive any money when residents buy the insurance, and no taxpayer money is being used to promote the program.

Sewer breaks can be a huge expense for homeowners, City Administrator Robbin Blackert said.

“If you live in a home where you may question age or know you may need water or sewer line in the future,” the insurance is “absolutely,” a good idea, Blackert said. “If you just built a new home and you have new lines, it’s a little bit different.”

Call Blackert at 815-564-1366 for more information.