North Aurora man gets six years in prison in attempted murder

ST. CHARLES – "Unchecked emotions" resulted in a prison sentence for a North Aurora man who tried to kill his wife, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Circuit Judge Timothy Sheldon sentenced Dariusz Hrehorowicz, 38, to six years in prison for attempted first-degree murder and aggravated unlawful restraint charges. Hrehorowicz was convicted in June after a jury trial.

Prosecutors said Hrehorowicz attacked his wife in January 2008 – about two weeks after she filed for divorce. In the attack, he placed a plastic bag over her head before she was able to get away and run to a neighbor's home.

Sheldon remarked on the "high emotions of divorce court" spilling into felony court before sentencing Hrehorowicz to six years in prison.

"There are high consequences for these unchecked emotions," he said.

Sentencing laws required that Sheldon sentence Hrehorowicz to between six to 30 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder.

Sheldon said he considered Hrehorowicz's two young daughters and his lack of criminal history when he handed down the minimum sentence.

He also ordered Hrehorowicz pay for costs the county incurred hiring a Polish translator.

Through that translator, Hrehorowicz told Sheldon he was sorry for his actions.

"I feel my wife could have been a little frightened because I argued with her and I feel very sorry about that," the translator said in court Wednesday.

Assistant State's Attorney David Belshan asked Sheldon to sentence Hrehorowicz to nine years in prison to deter others from committing a similar crime and because Hrehorowicz lacked remorse in his written statement to Sheldon.

"He is not remorseful … in fact he blames [his wife]," Belshan said, adding that Hrehorowicz also blames prosecutors for his conviction and has "great disdain" for his estranged wife.

Hrehorowicz's attorney, Urszula Czuba-Kaminski, asked for the minimum sentence, saying Hrehorowicz was never violent before last year's incident and isn't likely to be again.

She also blamed depression, medication and the stress of a divorce for Hrehorowicz's actions.

Hrehorowicz's wife did not speak in court and declined to comment after the hearing. She submitted a victim impact statement to Sheldon before the sentencing.

Hrehorowicz likely will be eligible for parole in about 3 1/2 years because of sentencing laws and time he served in jail since his arrest.

June's jury trial was the third attempt after two mistrials. In the first, a jury could not reach a decision after a day of deliberating. The second mistrial was declared after Hrehorowicz's wife – the first witness to testify at trial – fainted as she took the stand.