Girls Track

Girls Track and Field: Lincoln-Way East eyes another state title

Lincoln-Way East’s Mariam Azeez competes in the long jump at the Class 3A Minooka Girls Sectionals. Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in Minooka.
Lincoln-Way East's Sophia Barnard wins in the 100 and 300 hurdles at the Glenbard West's Sue Pariseau Girls Track and Field Invitational.  April 23.2022.

Class 3A Local Qualifiers


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Myonica Jackson20025.8321st
Myonica Jackson40057.6910th
4 X 100 relay48.9115th
Kennedi PerkinsShot Put11.13 meters19th

Lincoln-Way Central

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Marla HayesDiscus42.20 meters1st

Lincoln-Way East

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Mariam Azeez10012.015th (tied)
Sophia Barnard110H14.623rd
Sophia Barnard300H45.153rd
4 X 100 relay48.083rd
4 X 200 relay1:44.7913th
4 X 400 relay4:07.224th
4 X 800 relay9:40.6915th
Jaiden KnoopPole Vault3.55 meters5th
Mariam AzeezLong Jump5.92 meters2nd


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Makenna SkoczylasPole Vault3.28 meters10th (tie)


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Kathryn CIchon8002:20.0117th
Audrey Boles1,6005:21.5520th
Maya Ledesma1,6005:21.9121st
Gabriella McCollom3,20011:46.7129th
Jocelyn Host3,20011:50.9630th
4 X 800 relay9:38.3413th
Kendal FranklinHigh Jump1.60 meters4th (tied)
Ella CookPole Vault2.97 meters25th (tied)

Plainfield Central

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Tessani FosterPole Vault3.58 meters2nd (tied)

Plainfield East

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Ava Mabry-Spencer10012.3017th
4 X 100 relay48.9513th
4 X 200 relay1:43.447th
Jocelyn TrotterHigh Jump1.55 meters13th (tied)
Elissa PerkinsLong Jump5.46 meters16th
Mazie GieratLong Jump5.42 meters23rd
Elissa PerkinsTriple Jump11.20 meters10th
Mazie GieratTriple Jump11.09 meters17th (tied)

Plainfield North

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Lauren Dellangelo40059.0520th
4 X 400 relay4:02.549th
Emily ShafronPole Vault3.12 meters15th (tied)

Plainfield South

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Janiya Bowman10012.2311th
Janiya Bowman20025.127th (tied)
Dana SurwilloPole Vault3.12 meters15th (tied)
Janiya BowmanLong Jump5.67 meters5th
Jahnel BowmanLong Jump5.37 meters25th
Jahnel BowmanTriple Jump11.09 meters17th (tied)


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Mia MaglayaLong Jump5.43 meters18th (tied)

Class 2A Local Qualifiers

Joliet Catholic

AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Claire Blotnik8002:34.7421st
Annie Tibbot1,6006:07.1726th
Kathryn Hummel3,20013:26.2522nd
4 X 800 relay11:22.5222nd


AthleteEventSectional time/distanceSeed
Joy Dudley3,20012:44.121st


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Bella Morey8002:30.6220th
Natalie PapesPole Vault3.51 meters1st (tied)

Class 1A Local Qualifiers


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Zoe Hassett4001:01.5218th


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Taylor Draves20027.4323rd
Clara Bruno4001:01.3816th
Evelyn O’Connor1,6005:36.5118th
Caitlyn O’Boyle100 hurdles16.198th
Keeli Pumphrey300 hurdles49.4016th
4 X 100 relay50.947th
4 X 200 relay1:48.196th
4 X 400 relay4:14.7410th
4 X 800 relay10:34.448th
Faith DeeringDiscus39.05 meters4th
Teagan JohnsonPole Vault3.20 meters8th (tied)
Anna BrunoLong Jump5.44 meters4th
Teagan JohnsonLong Jump5.26 meters6th
Caitlyn BoyleTriple Jump10.44 meters10th


AthleteEventSectional Time/DistanceSeed
Kate McCann10013.0724th
Kate McCann20027.2019th
Kate McCannLong Jump5.43 meters5th