How 7:24 Fitness on the Rock Creates an Encouraging Environment for All

724 Fitness - How 7:24 Fitness on the Rock Creates an Encouraging Environment for All

At 7:24 Fitness on the Rock, we provide an encouraging environment for working out. Our music gets you going, and our talented staff is excited to help you reach your fitness goals. We want fitness to be fun, so we offer a variety of classes that are perfect for all levels. Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find something to love at 7:24 Fitness on the Rock.

Variety of Fitness Classes

We offer a blend of fitness classes at 7:24 Fitness on the Rock to fit your workout style. You are covered if you’re looking for intense choreographed workouts or a more relaxed yoga class. Personal, group and virtual training can help you achieve your fitness goals. No matter your level of fitness, there is a class for you. Customizable training for the elite athlete, therapy for injuries, or senior fitness classes, you name it, we have it.

Positivity Matters

Another essential element in creating an encouraging environment is positivity. From the minute you walk through our doors, our staff will greet you with smiles and positive vibes. Our team is available to answer any questions or give you a tour of the facilities. We want you to feel supported every step of the way - because we know that when it comes to Fitness, your mindset matters just as much as your physical effort.

The Importance of Community

Finally, we believe community is key to creating an enjoyable experience at our gym. No one should have to work out alone - which is why we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds into our space. Whether you’re working out on your own or have a group of friends, you’ll always feel like part of the 7:24 Fitness on the Rock family.

At 7:24 Fitness on the Rock, we work with you to create a workout routine that fits into your life. Call 815-564-9000 to learn how we promote positivity and physical activity.

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