Property transfers for Lee, Ogle and Whiteside counties, July 2-9

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ James Lashelle II to Steven R. Griffith, 19020 13th St., Fulton, $123,000.

⋅ Hideaway Hills to Jeremy K. and Lauren K. Majeski, one parcel on Deere Run Road, Fenton, $30,000.

⋅ Anthony and Dawn M. Castillo, formerly Sherman, to Lauren B. and Adam D. Williams, 1201 Johnson Ave., Sterling, $87,000.

⋅ Nicole and Clint Shepard to Jacob W. Myroth, 602 Valley Road, Morrison, $115,000.

⋅ Mario Salas to Trent Williams, 109 Eighth St., Sterling, $133,000.

⋅ Robert W. and Lisa A. Klomann to Jasmine Lynn Insley, 302 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $63,000.

⋅ Lavone K. Dykema to Michael P. and Catherine J. Downs, 14765 Norrish Road, Morrison, $310,000.

⋅ Thunderbird Motel Inc. to Illinois Department of Transportation, 23000 Carroll Road, Morrison, $4,560.

⋅ Zachary and Klarissa E. Lyerla, formerly Lacroix, to Tyler James Milroy, 209 S. Orange St., Morrison, $57,000.

⋅ Mitchell A. and Glenda K. McNinch to Derek A. McNinch, 1305 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $50,000.

⋅ Gale Seloover to Howard Phillip LeFevre, 1005 W. Ninth St., Sterling, $28,500.

⋅ Randall L. Renkes to David M. and Deborah L. Lee, 108 Towne St., Morrison, $8,000.

⋅ Community State Bank to Eugene C. and June E. Scudder, 303 Ash Ave., Morrison, $42,000.

⋅ Robert Greeley and Joyce Carmichael to Bruce A. and Kimberly R. Hunter, 16235 Lyndon Road, Morrison, $80,000.

⋅ Karine M. Fulton to Ada A. Anderson, 404 W. Winfield, Morrison, $0.

⋅ Nicholas A. and Samantha Volckmann to Brenda L. and Clint A. Shepard Sr., 203 Maple Ave., Morrison, $100,000.

⋅ Joshua J. and Andrea K. Green to Kali Werner, 105 College Ave., Prophetstown, $100,000.

⋅ Nancy L. Vanzuiden to Justine N. Barsema and Mitchell A. Dann, 812 10th Ave., Fulton, $140,000.

⋅ Casey R. and Lesley N. Collins to Mark H. Curtis, 405 S. 11th Ave., Albany, $261,000.

⋅ Robert K. and Elizabeth A. Petersen to Owen J. and Katelyn R. McConnell, 1301 Eighth Ave., Erie, $190,000.

⋅ Donald and Shelly Enloe to Breann and Joshua Hirst, 703 Ridge St., Albany, $200,000.

⋅ Gregory J. and Susan M. Thome to James A. Persico, 614 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $42,500.

⋅ Michael R. Rangel to Douglas A. Richards, 606 W. Eighth St., Sterling, $47,500.

⋅ Tim H. and Julie A. Rajnowski to Gregory Layn, 803 Thome Court, Rock Falls, $31,000.

⋅ Nicholas E. and Susan K. Holmes to Nicholas and Samantha Volckmann, 13400 Deer Trace Drive, Morrison, $276,000.

⋅ Diana M. Meade to Joshua W. Hoppman and Kimberlyn M. Stoecker, 802 16th St., Fulton, $215,000.

⋅ Dwight W. and Nancy K. Oltmanns to Tyler Jakse, 1710 Reno Road, Sterling, $191,500.

⋅ James A. and Sheila Gabler to David Bellows, one parcel on Covell Road, Sterling, $5,000.

⋅ Kara and Clark D. Mortensen Jr. to Alisha and Eric Russell, 10017 Lyman Road, Erie, $170,000.

⋅ Berema S. Merema Estate, Ramona H. Renkes, Viola Pray and Robert, Stanley and Roger Merema to Kraig E. and Valerie K. Schweiss, 1101 14th Ave., Fulton, $80,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Derek and Dennis Christian to Colby Russell and Delcenae Christian, 2600 Kaufman St., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Myles J. and Beth E. Kukowski to 3 Nails Invested LLC, 1008 Sixth Ave., 1010 Seventh Ave., and 301 and 303 E. 23rd St., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Sandra F. and Blaine E. McClellan Sr. to Andrew Barsema, two parcels in Lyndon Township, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Brenda K. and Randall L. Deweerdt, trustees, to Eleanor L. Stever, 310 N. Ninth St., Fulton, $275,000.

⋅ Delora June Keleher Trust to Anne Snyder, 1101 Sunset Drive, Rock Falls, $130,000.

⋅ Betty L. McDonnell Trust to Kayla R. Heller, 203 S. Orange St., Morrison, $72,000.

⋅ Martin H. Merema Trust, Judith and Kenneth Vanderploeg, trustees, to Kraig E. and Valerie K. Schweiss, 1101 14th Ave., Fulton, $40,000.


⋅ Erna Boss, also Gragert, to city of Sterling, 1109 Ave. L, Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff, Sherrill M. Eble Foster Estate, Ronald Foster and Citizens First Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association, 411 Eighth Ave., Fulton, $0.

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Charles A. Schoenholz to Virtue Farms LLC, one parcel in East Grove Township, $1,024,000.

⋅ Douglas J. Johnson to Gordon Lipe, 524 W. Cherry St., Compton, $20,000.

⋅ Armando Morales Lopez to Lester W. and Latina C. Harris, block 14, lot 77, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,500.

⋅ Jorge W. Fermaintt to Javier Gutierrez and Andreina Morales, block 29, lot 288, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,000.

⋅ Angel and Ana M. Vazquez to Teresa and Apolinar Anaya, block 25, lot 105, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,000.

⋅ Mary Politsch to Thomas and Karen Dinges, 367 Center Road, Sublette, $295,000.

⋅ Christopher M. and Jordan Tidmore to Douglas Shaver and Laura Harmon, 10 N. Blackstone Ave., Amboy, $120,000.

⋅ Lori L. Bridge to Jerome L. Reiger and Ana A. Garais, 321 Lincoln Way, Dixon, $134,000.

⋅ Steven E. and Marla R. Barkoviak Living Trust, Steven E. and Marla R. Barkoviak, trustees, to Wade R. Vickrey, two parcels in Sublette Township, $720,000.

⋅ Mark and Susan Schuemann to Todd Miles, one parcel in Amboy Township, $18,000.

⋅ Richard and Phyllis Ott to Cody and Rachel Schmitz, 502 Richardson Ave., Ashton, $189,900.

⋅ Aurand, Thad and David Hayes to Joshua and Christina Pena, 3268 Hayes Road, Rochelle, $355,000.

⋅ Gregory Pritchard to David and Thad Hayes, 3268 Hayes Road, Rochelle, $126,500.

Quit claim deed

⋅ Jeffrey M. Yordon to Krystyn Mellor, 2037 Locust Road, Steward, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Matthew Manogura Revocable Trust, Matthew Manogura, trustee, to Beau B. Schackmann, block 5, lot 180, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,000.

⋅ Sauk Valley Bank and Trust Co., Sterling, to Kreider Services Inc., 312 W. Third St., Dixon, $0.

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Covia Holdings LLC, Covia Holdings Corp. and Unimin Corp. to Covia Solutions, Inc., two parcels in Oregon-Nashua Township, Oregon, $0.

⋅ Aaron and Christina Sitze to Kathryn Anne Ferb, 403 S. Ninth St., Oregon, $97,500.

⋅ Eric W. Carlson to Timothy J. Rouen and Victoria L. Wight, 1338 Marijon Drive, Byron, $165,000.

⋅ The late Esperanza Martinez to Joel M. Martinez, 7092 S. West St., Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Mid-West Storage Inc. to Kristin M. and Thomas T. Hall III, two parcels in Forreston Township, Byron, $50,000.

⋅ Norma A. Medrano to Ashley Graney and Jeremiah Zadnichek, 522 Blackthorn Drive, Mt. Morris, $168,000.

⋅ Michelle and Juan L. Cruz III to Michael P. and Brittany N. Sand, 5280 E. Scarlet Oak Lane, Stillman Valley, $215,000.

⋅ Theos Thirsty Cow LLC to Albert Giannini and Jenna King, 6047 N. Meridian Road, Davis Junction, $365,000.

⋅ The late James T. Moorehead by heirs to Marco and Adriana Hernandez, 816 N. 10th St., Rochelle, $52,500.

⋅ Augustina Arteaga to Lori Coutteau, 313 N. Grove St. and 9042 E. state Route 72, Creston, $135,000.

⋅ MJH Real Estate LLC to Linnea M. Larson and Christopher Wilson, 604 Griswold St., Woosung, $215,000.

⋅ James D. Meyers to Blake L. Wetzel, 6634 N. Kilbuck Road, Davis Junction, $252,000.

⋅ Tanner L. and Valerie L. Young to Heather Martin, 209 S. Congress Ave., Polo, $40,000.

⋅ William V. and Gayle R. Johnson to Penny A. and Henry R. Ebert III, 8504 N. Byron Hills Court, Byron, $235,000.

⋅ Nordic Investment Corp. Inc. to Ramos Properties LLC, 231, 301, 311, 530, 540, and 550 Countryside Drive, Stillman Valley, $72,000.

⋅ Tyler A. and Amber N. Holder to Nicholas Peter and Carlen Marie Yianibas, 4441 E. Open View Drive, Byron, $260,000.

⋅ Nicholas P., Nick and Carlen Yianibas to Richard Cole and Larissa P. Hicks, 204 W Golden St., Holcomb, $250,000.

⋅ Timothy W. Brechon Jr. to Darlene K. Shouer, 215 S. Washington St., Byron, $117,000.

⋅ Jason A. and Shannon N. Fore to Joann and James A. Bingham Jr., 421 Linda Ave., Rochelle, $140,000.

⋅ Thomas O. and Angela J. Kurth to Jason A. and Shannon N. Fore, 10690 Fowler Road, Rochelle, $262,000.

⋅ Casondra K. Rowley to James J. Gavin and Erica Novak, 9306 Hemstock Road, Rochelle, $159,000.

⋅ Amee R. Robertson to Patricia Ann Jensen Declaration Trust, Patricia Ann Jensen, trustee, 411 W. Phyllis Ave., Rochelle, $134,000.

⋅ Young Farms Management LLC and Royal Plaza Management LLC to Maia Cooper Farm LLC, two parcels in Flagg Township and one in Dement Township, Rochelle, $2,947,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Steven D. Baldwin to Catherine M. Gort, 106 E. Brayton Road, Mt. Morris, $0.

⋅ Robert C. Ballard to Robert C. Ballard and Matthew Newman, 109 Meadow Lane, Davis Junction, $0.

Trustee deeds

⋅ Woodrick Family Trust, Beverly B. Woodrick, trustee, to Gregory A. and Nicole M. Wesselman, 403 Monroe St., Oregon, $118,500.

⋅ Michael Phillip Kane Sr. Trust2005 to Ramos Properties LLC, third party Michael Phillip Kane Sr., trustee, 102 W. and 104 E. Pacific Road, Davis Junction, $150,000.

Executor’s deed

⋅ Estate of the late Donald R. Bokker, by administrator, to Jonathan and Ashley Scott, 3800 E. Mockingbird Lane, Byron, $202,500.


⋅ Tipton Family Trust, Glen E. Thompson and Shirley E. Dykema Senn, trustees, to Jeffrey and Pamela Whitehead, 304 W. White Oak Road, Byron, $116,000.