Why You Should Settle Your Breakup Before Filing With the Court

Wakeman Law Group - Why You Should Settle Your Breakup Before Filing With the Court

There are many reasons to work on a settlement for a breakup before documents are filed with the court. Here are a few to consider:

  • Time Pressure is on the judge and the litigants. While this may sound like a great idea to resolve things quickly, the parties’ timelines are most often not consistent with the court-required deadlines. People need time to process the end of a relationship and the court’s schedule does not accommodate that.
  • Protect Privacy. The court file is a public record. Someone you know is watching the court docket and will know about the breakup once it is filed. Don’t let your children, friends, and family find out from others before you tell them. Be aware that what you put in a court filing can be viewed by your parents, neighbors, and children. Be mindful of what you want them to see.
  • Solicitation mail is a less-than-ideal source of lawyers. Attorneys will access the new filings and will send letters to the person who did not file, offering to help them. This is not the best resource for finding an attorney. We encourage you to use a referral source such as your local county bar association, Illinois State Bar Association, Collaborative Divorce Illinois, JWIZ if you are Jewish, Justia if you are Italian, Turning Point, friends, and so many more. If we are not the right attorney for you, we will happily refer you to one who is a better fit.
  • Conflict is heightened. Once court has started, there is an inclination to look for a fight. People incorrectly believe that a judge will just tell people what needs to be done. It doesn’t work like that. A process must be followed, including completing discovery, having a pretrial conference, preparation of exhibits, identification of witnesses, and a formal trial before a judge can “just decide.”

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