Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Deserve More

Clearbrook West

Did you know? Illinois has been failing to meet its legal mandate to provide adequate resources to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for several years. When a court ruled that Illinois was failing individuals with disabilities, the Guidehouse study examined disability services and recommended changes and investments that were needed for individuals with disabilities. However, in the most recent budget, Illinois only approved about half of the Guidehouse-recommended funding for individuals with disabilities.

The underfunding of disability services in Illinois has led to an unprecedented staffing crisis among Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and individuals being unable to receive crucial services. In Illinois, more than 14,000 individuals are on a waiting list to receive sufficient support. Providers like Clearbrook are at a crucial point and without sufficient investments from the state, the organization could be forced to close services and homes.

Clearbrook recognizes these issues and has several regulatory and policy goals that will help benefit the organization as a whole and the 8,000+ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve.

The main goal of our advocacy initiative is to empower our families, staff, volunteers, donors, and all other supporters to speak directly with legislators and push for progress for individuals with disabilities. Clearbrook is one of the only organizations to deliver services in a multifaceted way, covering all ages, issues, and levels of severity. We are essential to the lives of thousands, providing personalized children, community day, employment, home-based, residential, and clinical services to those entrusted to us.

Clearbrook needs your support to let lawmakers know that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve more. Stay informed on the issues and enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by joining our network.

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