5 Ways to Maximize Your Valuable Time and Money During a Divorce

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Time and money are generally the top concerns in any divorce proceeding. Without the right legal team, you may waste time and money in order to achieve the result you desire. Here are 5 ways to maximize your valuable time and money during a divorce:

1. Communicate effectively. “Communication with your attorney is vital,” explained Samuel J. Diamond, a divorce attorney with Diamond Divorce Law. “Your lawyer is your advocate, but can’t do their job correctly if they don’t have all the information. If you can, you should try to accurately disclose all your assets and debts.”

2. Pick your battles. While it’s important to communicate your needs and desires, fighting with your ex-spouse over small issues can lead to drawn-out litigation. “Organize and prepare before you contact your attorney so you can make the best use of your time and theirs,” added Diamond. “This will save time, energy, and money.”

3. Educate yourself and know your options. Ask questions so you understand the legal process. If you are able to, “document all expenses, and create a budget and financial plan,” said Diamond. “The more you can prepare on your own behalf, the more time and money you’ll save.”

4. Have realistic expectations. A divorce is a complicated and emotional process that takes time. Talk with an experienced family law attorney early so they know what you want and you know what to expect. This helps avoid mistakes and expensive and time-consuming distractions and lets you focus on getting the job done.

5. Hire a divorce attorney that fits your needs. “Your legal team should understand the law and the process in your geographic area,” said Diamond. “They should listen to you, understand your needs, and know how to avoid common problems before they arise.”

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