The joys of houseplants in winter

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In the middle of a cold Midwest winter, having foliage plants inside the house makes for a much more pleasant environment. Here are several reasons why you should consider them for your home:

1. They increase humidity

Not only do plants provide much needed extra humidity, they also filter and provide oxygen to the air, especially with the house closed down tight from the cold. Clustering plants together concentrates the humidity around the plants and keeps them healthier, too.

2. They can be low maintenance

Houseplants are not difficult to care for, especially in the winter, as they do not need to be watered as frequently as in the summer months. Because the length of daylight is reduced in the winter and most of the days are cloudy the plants are not growing or even transpiring much. If the plant does not receive much light, the roots will not pull the moisture out of the soil. Therefore, to prevent the roots from rotting, watering should be reduced to every two to three weeks. In fact, some plants like succulents, can go up to six weeks between watering.

Fertilizing this time of year should be at a minimum or not at all. Since the plants are not growing, they are not utilizing the fertilizer so the excess salts collect in the soil and actually cause root problems. Use this rule of thumb: fertilize from time change to time change. Start in the spring when you change the clocks forward and stop in the fall when you change the clocks back.

3. The variety abounds

Examples of easy to care houseplants are: Philodendron or Pothos, ZZ plant, Sansevieria (Snake plant or Mother-in-laws tongue), Agloenema (Chinese evergreen), Dracaena (corn plant or marginata), Neathebella (Parlor) palm, spider plant, and Spathyphyllum (Peace Lily) although this one requires more frequent watering than the others.

4. They can boost happiness

Having plants around you can help improve your mood. Looking to revitalize your mental health this winter season? Take a visit to the Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery & Garden Center tropical greenhouses and enjoy the shades of green, scent of freshly moistened soil, and beauty of orchids in bloom.

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