Lakeside Legacy Foundation Board of Directors Names New Leadership Team at The Dole

The Lakeside Legacy Board of Directors has appointed Jody Fields and Erin McElroy to be the new leadership team for The Dole. Long-time team members Dennis Barszcz, Building and Grounds Manager, and Patty Bell, Marketing Manager, will remain in their current positions at The Dole.

Jody Fields will take on a new role as the Business and Finance Manager. Her primary focus will be the financial management of The Dole, overseeing all business and campus issues at The Dole and interactively overseeing the thriving resident partner community.

Eric McElroy, filling the Dole’s newly created position, is now in charge of Community Relations, Corporate Development, Cornerstone Events, Marketing, and Listening Room. Erin McElroy is a well-known leader awarded Alumna of the Year in 2020 by Leadership Greater McHenry County, recognized by Shaw Media in the Best Under 40 campaign, and recipient of the Downtown Crystal Lake 2020 Diamond in the Rough Award. Her commitment to the Dole and community work heavily influenced the decision to bring Erin McElroy to the team. McElroy is looking forward to meeting with neighbors, the business community, and property investors.

Also new to the Dole team, the LLF Board of Directors announces the appointment of Jayson Hemphill in July of 2021 as the Listening Room Manager. Hemphill’s primary focus is the relaunching of The Listening Room as a venue and “THE spot to be seen” to experience a welcoming atmosphere as a backdrop for incredible live music. “J” has experience in many aspects of entertainment and will build upon the vision to provide a space for community enjoyment.

In 2022 The Dole will celebrate the 20-year milestone, moving forward to the next chapter for the property and its reimagined strategic vision for the organization. The Dole is a 501c3 with the mission to protect and preserve a historic property and its 12-acres.

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