Music Under the Trees

Do you love live music?

Come and enjoy the beauty of fall at Oktoberfest on September 22nd, the final concert of this summer series.

Oktoberfest ushers in the fall with a festive night featuring an incredible show by the John Wagner Band, specializing in traditional Bavarian, Austrian, and Slovenian styles of Music. Their performance at Music Under the Trees will include yodeling, a presentation on the Swiss Alphorn (a 15-foot longhorn from Switzerland), the Austrian cowbells, and audience participation fun for all.

Ron Russell of The Dole Board of Directors stated, “People love to be outdoors, in the open air, with friends and run into neighbors and people from the community.” He continued with, “Last year, everyone was cooped up, and to some extent we’re still cooped up. It’s just an enjoyable evening, and we’re proud to produce a fun fall event for the community to partake in.”

The best place to appreciate the open air, sunsets, live music, and great food is adjacent to the pristine waters of Crystal Lake under the mighty oak trees. The historic mansion provides a fantastic backdrop for this scenic view.

The performance on September 22nd is from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, gates open at 5:45 pm, tickets are $20 per person, children under 12 are free.

Gather your friends, bring chairs, and blankets to take in the festive Ravinia-like setting with beer brats, ale, and live music. We accept cash or credit cards for catering and beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

All proceeds help the preservation efforts of The Dole, a historic landmark that has been in operation since 1865. Buy your tickets now before they sell out!

For more information or to secure your spot on the lawn at The Dole on September 22nd, visit or contact us at 815-455-8000 x 106.

The Dole Mansion

Patty Bell

401 Country Club Rd.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

815.455.8000 x 106